CANCELLED: Marin Family STEAM Day 

Since STEAM Day had to be cancelled this year, here's a rundown on the activities that we had planned along with versions that you can do at home instead:


Compressed Air Paper Airplane Launching


You may not be able to replicate the compressed air component, but you can fold your own version of the world record paper airplane and see how far you can launch it by hand. Find instructions in this video here.


Giant Bubbles


Make your own super bubble mixture at home.


Lego engineering with Play-well TEKnologies


You may not have all the robotic components to completely replicate this activity at home but Legos (especially Technics) can be a great tool for exploring engineering concepts.


Stop-motion animation with Steve & Kate's Camp


This is an activity that you can do using an iPad. Look for stop-motion animation apps. Legos, Playmobile, Fisher Price characters would all work well for creating your own scenes and moving them around. You can use a cut out cardboard box for your set. Color or paint your own different backdrops!


Seed saving and planting with Urban Adamah


The lovely folks are Urban Adamah had planned on joining us for the first time at STEAM Day to show us how to collect seeds and plant them. You might have some fruit and veg scraps in your kitchen right now that can be regrown. Green onions, celery, avocados, potatoes and many more are easy to sprout. How much can you grow in a month at home?


Upcycle old t-shirts into reusable bags


Our volunteers would have brought sewing machines and supplies to the Marin Elementary library to set up sewing stations. Operating a sewing machine can be a great thrill for children, but if you don't have a sewing machine at home there are tutorials online for no-sew options.


Origami with Ms. Wong


All you need is a square of paper and few online tutorials and you'll be folding away frogs, hearts, cranes, and cubes in no time! Have you tried Manifold? It's a fun puzzle that encourages mathematical thinking.


Marin Elementary School Green Team activities


The Green Team had planned a lot of fun and exciting activities for STEAM Day. Some of them you can do yourself at home. This would be a great time to join the Marin Elementary Carbon-Free Albany Team. And, wow, today is the start of exactly 30 days before school reopens! How about participating in a 30 day climate challenge? This one from Kathryn Kellogg is especially for children (technically it's 31 days). And REI has a calendar of 52 weekly challenges. Maybe have a look and see what changes might fit well into your lifestyle.


Science related podcasts, video channels, and websites:


Wow in the World

Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell

Mystery Doug

Babble Dabble Do

What Do We Do All Day?


Science museum resources:


Cal Academy science lesson plans

Take a virtual tour of the Science Museum in London, read about objects and stories, or check out their science game apps.



 Saturday, March 14th, 2020


You do not want to miss this year's PTA-sponsored FREE event! 

Marin will be transformed into a mini discovery museum filled with activities to impress your whole family.

There are two sessions.

You may choose to come at 10am or 12:30pm.

Plan to spend two hours loving math, science, and technology!


New this year:

Like previous years, the famous rocket candy rain will end each session...

  Too many activities to list here.


Last year's favorites return:

Coding and robotics; Albany High School students; Scavenger hunt; the famous Candy rocket launch will end each session; prizes!


Don't forget to bring your bike for a free tune-up by the BikeMobile. 


...and more 




We need your help to put on this great event. Here are some of the ways that you can get involved.


STEAM Day Co-Chair

Much of the groundwork has already been done. We have a date, a team, the facilities have been reserved...We just need another administrative lead to check in with committee members to ensure that all of the positions are running smoothly and to help troubleshoot where needed. This is a co-chair position, so you’ll be working with Anne Lee (outgoing chair) and Stephanie Best. Once you’ve learned the ropes and if you find the position rewarding, hopefully you’ll be able to help lead next year as well so that this great event can continue.


Planning Committee Members

Join the committee to help organize and recruit volunteers to run stations for this community building festival of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math!


Event day helpers

Help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. There will be two identical sessions on March 14: 10am - noon and 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Sign up to help set up, take down, or to assist with stations during one or both sessions.


E-mail Stephanie to help out with any of these STEAM Day roles.