If you are interested in knowing more please contact Krista Miller at 510-612-5546 or e-mail.  Our fun kick-off meeting is Jan 15, 2020 - you won't want to miss it!


Solicitations Chair 

This year the existing auction team is looking for a fearless leader to join the team.  The two parents that have been holding this position are graduating this year so we are looking to fill this role ASAP - without great stuff to bid on we don’t have an auction!  We would love for this person to continue in this role for the 2021 auction as well.


A little bit about the role - the solicitations chair can be as simple or involved as you like- organizing and sending emails to your team of fantastic solicitors or diving in and soliciting items as well.  There is an existing database to manage the work, businesses already set up and willing to donate, emails and templates created and the existing chairs ready to provide wine, food and training. It's a fun group of parents!  Grab a willing friend to co-chair and join the team! We need you!


Solicitations Team Members

We already have a crew of 6-8 parents and are looking for 2-3 additional volunteers to work in conjunction with the Solicitations Chair.


The more people we have on the team the better.  This is a fun job that entails reaching out to our existing pool of businesses who are ready and willing to donate items.  Don't be afraid! This is a great way to meet the owners of local businesses and learn more about the community. The team also works on gathering the live auction donations, this is where the bulk of the auction money comes from.  Think big! Think fun!  


Auction Co-Chair

Thanks to Tamara Keller and past auction chairs we have a fully operational system of notes, tasks, vendors, and more - everything needed to run a successful auction.  Tamara is graduating this year from Marin so Krista Miller stepped in mid-year to run it. But she works full-time and needs help! Are you good with budgets? Databases?  Spreadsheets? If so then she needs you! The Co-Chair will work with in conjunction with the Software Chair to keep the auction organized and on budget.


This role is behind the scenes and on your own schedule.  


Please help!


Layout Team

Are you organized?  Detailed? An architect?  If so, this team is for you!  We have an incredible architect, Rosa Sheng, who has created the layout for the tables for the past few years and provides a map to be used in the auction catalog.  She also works with the Catalog Team to design the placement of all of the items on the tables.  


This year Rosa will not be in town the day of the auction and we need someone who can manage the setup of the tables and the items that go on them.  Additionally she is graduating from Marin so we will need someone to take over this role for next year.


Check-in Room Chair Assistant (Preparing to lead in 2021)

Are you technically-savvy?  Are you patient? Do you work in Software or Tech?  If so this one has your name on it! When you enter the auction you are greeted with a friendly crew of people who are eagerly waiting to help check you in.  This is where your job happens. We have an amazing parent who has held the role the past few years, but she will also be graduating from Marin. She will continue to hold this position for this year’s auction but is looking for someone to take on the position next year.  This is your opportunity to shadow Leslie and learn the tricks of the trade.  


Set Up Crew

So, you've looked at all of the other options and are thinking "Nah, can't do that."  Well, you can do this! Set-up is a BIG job and takes two days. Do you have an hour? Two hours?  If so we can use the help! March 27 in the evening, and March 28 in the morning and early afternoon.


Take Down Crew

You attended the auction, but couldn't help.  The end of the night is approaching and you are still there.  Help us take it down! It takes us about 20 hours to set it up, but it needs to come down in ONE HOUR!!!  Yes, that is right. Per our contract with the Veterans Building we must be out by 11. Stick around! Help us out!  We want you!!


Who is in? Volunteer TODAY!


If you are interested in knowing more please contact Krista Miller at 510-612-5546 or e-mail.  Our fun kick-off meeting is Jan 15 - you won't want to miss it!




STEAM Day Co-Chair

Much of the groundwork has already been done. We have a date, a team, the facilities have been reserved...We just need another administrative lead to check in with committee members to ensure that all of the positions are running smoothly and to help troubleshoot where needed. This is a co-chair position, so you’ll be working with Anne Lee (outgoing chair) and Stephanie Best. Once you’ve learned the ropes and if you find the position rewarding, hopefully you’ll be able to help lead next year as well so that this great event can continue.


Planning Committee Members

Join the committee to help organize and recruit volunteers to run stations for this community building festival of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math!


Event day helpers

Help ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. There will be two identical sessions on March 14: 10am - noon and 12:30pm - 2:30pm. Sign up to help set up, take down, or to assist with stations during one or both sessions.


E-mail Stephanie to help out with any of these STEAM Day roles. 





The primary job of the president is to coordinate the work of officers and committees of the association, and to preside at all meetings of the association and the executive board. The president must also be authorized to sign checks and sign authorizations for payment. The president performs such other duties as may be prescribed in the PTA bylaws or assigned by the association. 




The treasurer’s responsibilities include such tasks as keeping the accounts and records, chairing the budget committee, managing checking for the account, informing membership of expenditures, preparing annual financial reports, and such other duties as may be prescribed in the PTA bylaws or assigned by the association.


E-mail Stephanie to find out more about joining our PTA board.



Get Involved — Volunteer!

When adults volunteer, all students benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Your help is needed!  E-mail us to find out more about volunteer opportunities.




PTA - Community Building Committees


This Fall

Coordinates publication of annual printed school directory, a resource for connecting families and useful school information. Directories are free to all families (advertising sales cover the cost of printing).


International Potluck

This Fall (1 evening)

Coordinates annual school-wide potluck dinner.


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, AND ACCESS (IDEA)


Supports Marin Elementary in fostering compassion, understanding and acceptance of the varied array of diversity of our families. Organizes various projects to promote these goals. Previous projects have involved securing Parent Ed Night speakers promoting diversity & inclusion and organizing a diverse book drive.


Gardening Program

Ongoing (per classroom)

Works with teachers to coordinate gardening parents for each classroom. Ongoing garden maintenance and help with fall and spring cleanup days.


Parent Education Nights


Arranges 3 to 4 evening educational forums for parents on various topics.


Emergency Preparedness


Maintains Marin School emergency supplies and makes sure each classroom’s supplies are up to date.


Family Math Night

Ongoing (1/mo)

Coordinate monthly night where families engage in fun and stimulating math games together.


Green Team


Rethinking waste at our school and raising awareness about everyday solutions to protect our environment. From plastic-free school supplies, to Earth Day celebration and empowering students to be change-makers.


Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch


Coordinates a lunch celebration for the Marin teachers and staff as a way to thank and honor them.




STEAM Day Coordinator organizes a one-day weekend festival where parents and students work together on various math and science activities using a curriculum developed by Lawrence Hall of Science.


Fifth Grade Memory Book


Coordinates the production of 5th grade “yearbook.” Interfaces with school staff and families. (A memento of the elementary school years, not a fundraiser).


Kindergarten Socials

Next August (2 event days)

Organizes and hosts playdate at Terrace Park for incoming Kindergarten families one weekend day a week before school starts. Organizes and hosts Kindergarten popsicle party/social at Marin the weekend before school starts. Ideally held by the parent(s) of a recent Kindergartener.


First Morning Coffee

Next Fall (1 morning, the first day of school)

Provides morning treats, juice, and coffee/tea on the 1st day of school as a welcome to the school year.




PTA - Fundraising Committees

Book Fair

Fall (1 week in) - Coordinator + Committee of volunteers

Coordinator works with school librarian to schedule volunteers for the vendor-supported Book Fair. There are many volunteer opportunities during this week-long event: advertising, setup, operation, and takedown.


Apparel Sales

3 times/year for sales

Sells Marin t-shirts and sweatshirts to school community. This can be a small fundraiser or items can be sold at cost to promote school spirit. Chooses design and colors. Works with vendor to set up an online store where parents place their own orders. Facilitates distribution. 

Movie Nights

Ongoing (4-6 per year)

Small committee organizes movie night fundraisers held on Friday nights in the MPR. Committee members choose movie lineup; set-up and take-down the event; sell tickets at the door; dispense popcorn, pizza and drinks; and screen cartoons followed by the movie. 


Moonlight Auction

Spring - Coordinator + Committee of volunteers

Organizes our biggest fundraiser of the year. This is a parent-only evening social event featuring live and silent auctions; beer, wine, and a signature cocktail; heavy hors d'oeuvres and dessert; and live music. Many volunteer opportunities for advertising, soliciting donations, coordinating classroom art projects, designing decor, hiring caterers, setup, operation, takedown, and more... 





PTA - Individual Positions


Jan & Oct

Follows PTA checklist to do biannual audit of Marin

PTA finances.


School Board Reporter


Parent reporter who attends Board of Education meetings and writes a summary to be distributed schoolwide via the eTree. If position is too large for

one person, a coordinator can create a schedule of volunteers to take minutes.


E-Tree Moderator


Moderates the school e-tree, an email group for parents and staff to share information. Moderator ensures postings are informational and fact-based.




Maintain and update PTA website as needed.

Complete year end transition of database.



Ongoing (4-6 per year)

Works with the teachers and principal to arrange school-wide educational assemblies for students.


Room Parent Coordinator


Coordinates Room Parents for each classroom. Sends occasional e-mails to Room Parents providing information to be distributed at the classroom level. Creates the calendar for monthly Teacher Treats (1/mo a group of 2-3 classrooms provides snacks and lunch for teachers and staff). Coordinates Room Parents to collect for teacher gifts at the holidays and year end.