This page is for the collection of information on local summer camps and after-school programs. They are listed in no particular order at this time. The PTA does not officially endorse any of these businesses. This page is provided solely as a collection of information. If you would like to add a summer camp resource here, please email the information to


“STEAM Through Shakespeare”—A unique 1-week summer experience for 3rd and 4th graders! 
We will combine science experiments, math, art, and performing arts by studying Shakespeare and building “Fair Verona Fairways”-a miniature golf course! Our final day will include a special presentation, along with “playtime on the golf course” for families.
Time & Dates:  mornings 9 a.m. to noon from June 25 through 29  
Location: Marin Elementary School - Room 13
How to Register:  -Fill out registration forms (in school office with Janet) 
                             -Include $220.00 program fee in check made payable to:
                                  Karen Fox-Reynolds
                             -return the form and check to Janet in the Marin School Office
Karen is a 30-year veteran Marin teacher who has retired but currently instructs Marin first graders in performing arts, and volunteers in other classrooms.